Hello World

print("Hello World")

Who am I?

I am a late twenty-something woman in tech with a love of beautiful code that I try to share with anyone who will listen. My favourite language is Python, but I use JavaScript and PHP most often. I also have a growing interest in information security and a side-gig as a knitting podcaster and YouTuber.

What is this blog about?

All of the above, and more. Mostly this is a platform for me to talk tech and tech culture, but I might sneak in some more domestic things like knitting.

When do I post?

I’d love to say I’ll post weekly, but I know that’s way too optimistic. Probably more like monthly. Ish. Maybe.

Why write a blog?

I have things to say, and I can say them well (at least in writing). As a woman in tech I get asked a lot of similar questions and it would be useful to have a space to explore them in depth. As a software developer, I’m solving problems daily and I’d like to share solutions that might be helpful to others.