Linux, Unix, Macintosh, Windows, JavaScript, Ember.js/CLI, HTML, CSS/LESS/Sass, Python, Git, Semantic UI, CouchDB, PouchDB, Node.js, jQuery,Visual Studio 2017/Code, BEM, TFS, Ionic, AngularJS, C++, OpenCV, Unity3D


Frontend Web Developer, IC Group, 2017

  • Used HTML5, CSS3, and BEM methodology to style websites according to mockups from clients.
  • Maintained an Ember.js application to manage Twitter advertising campaigns.

Full Stack Web Developer, Quipped Interactive Learning Tools Inc., 2014–2016

  • Architected a web application using Ember.js/CLI, Node.js, and CouchDB to facilitate the sharing of user-created curriculum documents.
  • Coded a hybrid mobile application using Ionic, AngularJS, PouchDB, Node.js, and CouchDB to allow users to upload media to the QUIO platform directly from the device’s camera or microphone.
  • Re-engineered the user interface for the main QUIO web application using Ember.js, jQuery, Semantic UI, and PouchDB to increase performance speed and decrease the number of clicks required by the user.
  • Analyzed client feedback to determine improvements that could be made to the QUIO platform, such as moving frequently used features into more prominent locations.

Software Developer, Self Employed, 2014–2015

  • Developed a Windows desktop application using Python, PyQt, and SQLite to organize 3-20 minute performance entries in an arts festival across multiple days.
  • Collected project requirements from clients though in-person meetings and sought clarification through email and regularly scheduled interactions.
  • Provided documentation and on-site training in the use of the software to stakeholders, as well as technical support through telephone and email.

Research Assistant, University of Manitoba, 2011–2014

  • Developed an algorithm to make a humanoid robot sprint, placing 5th in the sprint event at the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association 2012.
  • Coded computer vision algorithms using C++ and OpenCV to identify certain colours and shapes marking objectives on the playing field.
  • Debugged C++ code under severe time limitations in order to tune the performance of the robot to specific competition settings i.e. accounting for lighting in the venue, anomalies in the surface of the playing field, etc.

Junior Programmer, Complex Games, 2013

  • Developed alpha versions of educational mini-games based on client specifications using Unity3D.

Software Developer, Thinkbox Inc., 2012

  • Coded new GUI components using Python and PyQt for large-scale render farm management software.
  • Altered backend functionality of render farm management software using C# to provide support for additional GUI features.
  • Performed cross-platform manual testing of the application.

Junior Developer, Blizzard Interactive, 2012

  • Developed and documented a process for migrating critical SQL reports from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012 and solving any compatibility issues.
  • Analyzed SQL reports for possible efficiency gains.
  • Optimized SQL reports for runtime, reducing the runtime for individual reports by up to 80%.


Mentor, Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge, 2017

  • Coached a team of high school students through a series of computer security challenges which included finding and patching security vulnerabilities.

Mentor, Ladies Learning Code, 2015–2017

  • Acted as a teaching assistant in a classroom setting, using prepared slides and tutorials from the Ladies Learning Code website.
  • Acted as a mentor either one-on-one or in a small group while students worked on activities.

Organizing Committee Member, Manitoba Robot Games, 2015–2016

  • Provided technical consultation during monthly meetings of the organizing committee, resulting in a modern website with online pre-registration of teams.
  • Organized registered participants on the day of the event using MS Excel to generate competition schedules and certificates for prizes and participation.

Team Captain, Computer Science Games, 2013–2014

  • Assembled an all-female team of 10 students from approximately 30 eligible candidates, which placed in the top 10 for the Artificial Intelligence competition.
  • Developed a method for approaching companies for team sponsorship to cover competition travel costs.
  • Organized all aspects of the team, such as fee payment, booking flights, and ordering team shirts.
  • Provided mentorship to team members by conducting meetings about how to prepare for the competitions and what to expect.

Volunteer Presenter, Hour of Code, 2013

  • Taught programming in Tynker and Scratch to three classes of grade 7-8 students and nine classes of grade 2-4 students using iPads and prepared slides and activities from the Hour of Code website.


Co-host, Northern Knits Podcast, 2017

  • Recorded audio and wrote show notes for weekly episodes discussing handicrafts and fibre arts.
  • Maintained a website which hosted audio files and show notes and served episodes via RSS to iTunes and Google Play.
  • Maintained a social media presence to increase listener engagement.


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), University of Manitoba, 2014

  • Specialization: Artificial Intelligence
  • Minor: Psychology


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